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Stifflers FIT System
Step Up to Stifflers FIT System and Stay in Shape...

Twisting, bending, twisting, bending......unlike a human, this is NOT the way a car stays in shape! Even everyday driving puts your car through a workout of twists and bends. Installing Stifflers FIT System integrates the front and rear subframe and ties them into the rocker panel, forming a triangulated web of strength and stiffness. The end result is your car keeps its' shape, improving your handling, launches, ride quality and more.

Will not work with side exit exhaust systems.

- Allows suspension to work as designed, giving overall improved ride quality, handling and increased range of suspension tuning. - Integrates with lower torque box adding extra strength to control arm mounts

- Transfers more power to the ground, not wasting it twisting and bending the chassis

- Launches straighter

- Stiffer chassis reduces or eliminates interior rattles and extends life of vehicle. - Weld locations free of powder coat, NO removal of powder coat required before installation for significant time savings. - Can be used with factory convertible braces with slight modification. (see Install below)

- Non-intrusive, no floors to cut, interior to remove or lines to relocate

- Tube ends are sealed to keep out moisture.

- Ground clearance remains unchanged

- Increases side impact safety

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StifflersFitSystem$275.00 Ph.631-563-7325

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