SPEC Super Twin Clutch 07-09 GT500

The SPEC Super Twin clutch kit is for extremely high horsepower and torque applications, but for those who still need to drive comfortably on the street. Before twin disc technology, one would have to install an extremely high grip clutch disc, and high clamp pressure plate, which would make it almost impossible to drive on the street. With the twin clutch disc system, you can still have extremely high power levels, without the drawbacks of a normal clutch disc.

The SPEC Super Twin clutch kit offers unsurpassed grip and strength, but is surprisingly comfortable to drive on the street, compared to an equally strong single clutch disc system. The Super Twin only requires light pedal effort, and has very minimal chatter.

The Super Twin kit is a complete replacement for your pressure plate, clutch disc and flywheel. It is a complete assembly which includes the two clutch discs, pressure plate, and performance flywheel. It is a completely bolt-in replacement for the standard OEM setup.

SPEC Super Twin Stage 1:
Functions: Street, Drag, Road Racing
Good for 900 ft/lb of torque!
Bolt-in Installation

SPEC Super Twin Stage 2:
Functions: Street, Drag, Road Racing, and Drift
Good for 1395 ft/lbs of torque!
Bolt-in Installation

*This part is oversized and may incur additional freight*

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