RAM Aluminum Flywheels 87-04

The Flywheel provides 50% of the friction surface to which the disc mates and consequently provides half the holding power of the clutch system. For maximum disc compatibility we need three elements: a proper friction surface finish, a perfectly flat fiction surface and a friction parallel to the crankshaft flange. RAM's aluminum flywheels have this all this and are balaced to the 1/2 ounce specification.

The Flywheel buyers checklist

  • Insist on a SFI certified flywheel
  • Be sure the flywheel has a .225 minimum thickness insert if aluminum
  • Be absolutely certain the flywheel is surface ground perfectly flat and parallel to the crankshaft flange surface.
  • Insist on certification from the manufacturer that the flywheel is dynamically balanced to within 1/2 ounce inch minimum of specification.
  • Ask the manufacturer make the flywheel in house and has complete in house control of the manufacturing process.
  • RAM Flywheels have all the features listed above. Resist the temptation to buy a bargin flywheel. The above features will be absent

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