G-Trac Suspension Kit - Stage 1 86-04

Steeda's Stage 1 suspension package lays the proper foundation for proper handling and builds a base for any future modifications by addressing three essential elements needed for performance. Each stage 1 kit includes:

Sport Springs - These lower the center or gravity and reduce body roll while maintaining good ride quality.

Strut Tower Brace and G-Trac Brace - These stiffen the body structure to stabalize the suspension during hard cornering and reduce body shake and rattles (94+ have factory g-trac style bars).

Caster Camber Plates - These set proper alignment and improve caster geometry while eliminating suspension "slop" at the top of the strut tower brace.

*This part is over-sized and may incur additional freight*

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All parts listed are for the Ford Mustang unless otherwise noted.

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