Mr Freeze Gen2 Alcohol Injection

Featured in The January 2005 issue of 5.0 Mustangs and Super Fords

We now carry the second generation methanol/water injection kits from AFM for supercharged and turbocharged engines. Mr. Freeze is simplistic, yet effective. Being activated by boost and metered by jetting, Mr. Freeze is easily optimized. Mr. Freeze is an easy bolt-on for all centrifugal supercharges and turbochargers. In initial testing, AFM has documented up to as much as 90 additional rear wheel horsepower using 93 octane pump gas. With the proper tuning and 100 octane racing gas, Mr. Freeze was capable of an additional 115 rear wheel horsepower!

Here's the best part, you can buy the methanol/water mix for as little as $1.99 per gallon. At $189.00, nothing on the market today can offer you the horsepower per dollar value of Mr. Freeze.

Note: Failure to re-tune the combination for the Mr. Freeze System will result in a loss of horsepower. See PMS Tuning Tips link below.


PMS Tuning Tips for Mr. FreezeClick link for tips

Mr. Freeze Dyno GraphClick on link for sample dyno graph Ph.631-563-7325

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